Oct 22 – 27, 2023
Lahan Select Gyeongju, South Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone

IQ Award

Purpose: To recognize and reward outstanding individual or group contributions, achievements, and advancements in the worldwide accelerator Low Level RF community.

Role of LLRF Workshop Scientific Program Committee (SPC): The LLRF Workshop SPC role is one of oversight, ensuring processes are in place for award nominations, evaluation of nominees, and selection of an award winner. The SPC establishes the award Selection Committee as defined below. The SPC is represented on the Selection Committee, but otherwise has no role in the evaluation and selection of award winners. The SPC evaluates the award process and adjusts as needed to ensure the award represents the goals and values of the SPC and the global LLRF community that the process is fair and avoids potential conflicts of interest. In addition, the SPC is responsible for public communications regarding the award.

Selection Committee: An independent Selection Committee is responsible for judging all nominations and selecting the award recipient. The committee comprises members from the SPC, as well as non-affiliated members, all selected by the SPC.

Award Eligibility: The award is open to candidates worldwide with the following exclusions:

  • 1) Current members of the Selection Committee;
  • 2) Current members of the SPC;
  • 3) The award sponsor or sponsors, sponsor employees and affiliates.

Eligibility decisions are the purview of the Selection Committee, who may seek advice from the LLRF SPC if needed.

Nomination Process: Anyone with intimate knowledge of the work, may submit a nomination.Self-nominations are acceptable. Nominations are submitted directly to the Selection Committee. Current members of the Selection Committee are excluded from nominating candidates. Members of the SPC (outside the Selection Committee) are permitted to nominate candidates.

Nominations may be for an individual or a group. The work which is the subject of a nomination must have been demonstrated in practice and published within 4 years of the nomination submission. Nominations, which are not withdrawn by request, will remain active for two successive occurrences of the LLRF Workshop.

A nomination package must be submitted to the Selection Committee via nominations@iq-award.org e-mail address no later than May 31. The package must include:

  • 1) Name or names of the nominee(s)
  • 2) Affiliations for each nominee
  • 3) A statement detailing the nature of the accomplishment. The statement must be limited to no more than two pages.
    • 3-a) For a group nomination, detail the contributions of each member 
  • 4) Letters of support from two knowledgeable persons familiar with the work and its impact. These persons need not be affiliated with the nominee’s organization directly, but must state the nature of their relationship with the nominee – how they know them and their work.
  • 5) Supporting documents – publications, including technical notes, presentations, test results, etc. Do not submit web links, etc. Only documents provided in the nomination package will be reviewed.
  • 6) Contact information for the nominator, and anyone providing letters of support.

There is no formal format for the nomination package.

The Selection Committee may at its discretion contact the nominator or persons providing letters of support.

Selection Criteria: The Selection Committee has broad authority to select the best nominee using their professional judgement and experience, or no nominee should they see fit. The SPC will have no involvement in the award selection process, with the possible exception as mentioned in the Eligibility section. The SPC will not be provided the names of any candidates, except upon selection of an award recipient, whose nomination package and any comments or commendations of the Selection Committee will be delivered to the SPC to facilitate notification of the recipient and presentation of the award.

The following criteria will serve as general guidance for the Selection Committee in evaluating and weighing the merits of nominees’ work:

  • 1) Significance and impact to the nominee’s organization.
  • 2) Significance and impact to the greater accelerator LLRF community.
  • 3) Complexity, level of difficulty, resource or time constraints.
  • 4) Maturity of the work, with greater maturity afforded more weight.
  • 5) Uniqueness, degree of innovation

Award Presentation: Award winner, if any, will be notified by the published deadline, invited to present their work at the Workshop, and to receive their award and citation.