Oct 22 – 27, 2023
Lahan Select Gyeongju, South Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone

Paper Submission Guidelines

Use of the templates provided in the "For Authors" section on the JACoW web site is strongly recommended. Below you will find the requirements, specific to the LLRF Workshop:  
Contributions should be limited in length to 5 pages.  
Since you will need to submit your paper to arXiv before the end of the workshop, references to posters/slides presented at LLRF23 should be avoided.  
While this is not a peer-reviewed publication, all papers will be checked for consistency with workshop's mission by the members of the scientific program committee.



For LLRF 2023 proceedings, authors will be required to submit their contributions to arXiv.org directly. Here is a brief outline of the submission process:

  1. Log in to your account at arxiv.org. If you don't have one, register for an account (use your institutional e-mail address).
  3. You will need to select a license for your contribution. Your selection will depend on additional publication plans you might have. If you plan to submit your work to a journal, make sure the journal will accept a paper, already published in arXiv. Detailed information on the interactions between arXiv and scientific publications can be found at http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php.
  4. Choose "Physics" archive, "Accelerator Physics" subject class. To publish in arXiv, one must have an endorsement. In some cases endorsement is automatic. If you find yourself unable to submit your paper and need to be endorsed, contact LLRF2023 at proceedings@llrf.net.
  5. Next, add the necessary source files for your paper. Note that for papers created in (La)TeX, original source must be submitted.
  6. Process files, then proceed to the metadata entry page.
  7. In addition to the standard metadata (Title, Authors, Abstract), fill out the Comments and Report number fields.
    • If your contribution is a talk, set the comments field to:   
         Talk presented at LLRF Workshop 2023 (LLRF2023, arXiv: 2310.03199)
    • If your contribution is a poster, set the comments field to:  
         Poster presented at LLRF Workshop 2023 (LLRF2023, arXiv: 2310.03199)
    • Report number field should be set to LLRF2023/NNN
  8. ID above refers to the proceedings index, this ID will be published on this page in early September 2023. NNN in the report number is the unique contribution number, assigned by LLRF2023. This number will be published in the arXiv proceedings index at https://arxiv.org/html/2310.03199.
  9. Once your paper is published by arXiv (assigned a unique permanent identifier of the form 2309.12345), you will need to send that information to proceedings@llrf.net
    Do not send temporary identifiers (submit/1234567)! Once an SPC member proof-reads your contribution, you may be contacted with feedback.


The deadline for the receipt of the permanent arXiv identifier by proceedings@llrf.net is October 26 at 23:59 KST (Korean Standard Time, GMT+9). 
Keep in mind that arXiv does not publish submissions immediately (see https://arxiv.org/help/availability for the detailed schedule). It is therefore recommended to submit your paper to arXiv no later than 23:59 KST on October 24th.


If you submit your paper and send the arXiv ID to llrf-2023@postech.ac.kr before the workshop, we can help you update you contribution, if needed, during the actual workshop.