Sep 13 – 17, 2021
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PRAB Special Edition

Physical Review Accelerators and Beams (PRAB) is publishing a Special Edition for the 10th International Beam Instrumentation Conference, IBIC 2021, which will be held on 12–16 September 2021. This Special Edition offers the opportunity to expand upon original research presented at IBIC 2021 in a peer-reviewed journal.

PRAB is an all-electronic open access journal published by the American Physical Society and available at PRAB conference editions provide global access and archiving beyond that ordinarily offered by conference proceedings.

The Scientific Program Committee recommends that all conference authors consider submitting an extended version of their IBIC 2021 paper to PRAB. If accepted for publication they will be published both as regular PRAB articles and as part of the IBIC 2021 Special Edition, thus increasing its visibility.

Publication will be timely. Articles will be published as soon as they are ready with no delay waiting for other papers presented at the conference. In addition, the Table of Contents of the IBIC 2021 Special Edition will be updated each time a paper is published.

There are many reasons why you should consider publishing in the IBIC 2021 Special Edition.

  1. PRAB is a peer reviewed American Physical Society journal with a considerable impact factor. Peer reviewed articles benefit from careful reading and criticism of knowledgeable colleagues.
  2. PRAB is available to everyone without subscription or pay per view fees, and PRAB is an archival journal. The APS is committed to maintaining that availability even as computer technology and software change.
  3. PRAB has no page limits, so this is the opportunity to write about your work without that limitation.
  4. Your article will be published in a timely manner and grouped together with other work presented at the IBIC 2021 conference.


Publication Requirements

Papers must either contain important new results in science and/or technology, or, in the case of “review articles”, survey active areas of research in a form that is useful to both practitioners and people entering the field.

Confirmation of previously published results of unusual importance can be considered as new, as can significant null results. Papers cannot be duplicates of work submitted for publication either to another journal or identical to the work published in some conference proceedings, but a conference paper can be the basis of an article in PRAB provided the submitted manuscript presents more information, enabling the reader to obtain an improved understanding of the subject.


Publication Guidelines

Authors must submit their manuscripts directly via the PRAB submission website, and they should note that their paper is for the IBIC 2021 Special Edition in the message accompanying the submission.

Submission Guidelines can be found here:

There is no deadline, but submission before 1 January 2022 is encouraged.



If you have general questions related to the PRAB policies, please contact the PRAB Editor Frank Zimmermann (

In previous years there have already been several PRAB conference editions. You may find the previous special editions at


We look forward to your contribution.